Quivering Heights: Rocks-Off’s Butt Quiver delivers BIG TIME!

Part two in our three part review of the Rocks-Off mystery box is all about the Butt Quiver, a 7-speed butt plug. See the first installment of the trilogy, Rocks-Off 8 Ball Ring: Sleek Support for Your Junk, to get caught up to speed if you missed it.

Screenshot 2015-08-26 at 3.12.25 PM

The Butt Quiver had me quivering in my boots, initially.

At first glance, the Butt Quiver seems a formidable adversary for nearly anyone, and with good reason! It’s quite sizable and looks rather unwieldy, with its pointed tip matching the tips on the flared base that follow a relatively large girth at its widest point.


Once you get past the initial shock of the fact that you’re actually going to put this thing inside of your butt, the rest is all about perseverance.

PERSEVERANCE Rocks-Off Butt Quiver butt plug

Seriously, I hope you bought a large bottle of lube, because you’re gonna need it to get “over the hump.” The Butt Quiver is a little under 2 inches (4.5 cm) wide at its widest point of insertion, which was pretty challenging at first. I had to keep telling myself that I had a job to do, it was my duty to get that plug in my ass! After several minutes of lubing and re-lubing, I was able to get the Butt Quiver completely inserted.

As an aside, I thought the name “Butt Quiver” was a bit strange; it conjured up visions of some Robin Hood type character, and the overall shape of the plug made me think of a Medieval court jester.

Jester Joker Rocks-Off Butt Quiver butt plug
Seriously, I didn’t get the name at all.

Regardless, once I got the Butt Quiver inside, it all came crashing down in a great epiphany. Butt. Quiver! My knees started to shake as my asshole contracted around the base of the plug, while the pointed tip lightly tickled my prostate. I was already quivering, and I hadn’t even turned the vibration on. Once I hit the little black button on the end of the vibrator…

Fireworks (in the butt!)

Fireworks Rocks-Off Butt Quiver butt plug
Yeah, like that.

I was in complete ecstasy. Complete. Ecstasy. Every move I made hit a new spot on my prostate gland. Before I knew it, my hips were grinding on their own accord and I was rock hard at attention. I scrolled through the vibrations and savored the unique feedback that each of the seven speeds and vibration patterns gave me.

RO-80 vibrator Rocks-Off Butt Quiver butt plug
Sometimes big things come in small packages.

The included RO-80 packs a solid punch for such a little vibrator; don’t let its diminutive 80 mm size fool you, this is not your run-of-the-mill bullet that you pick up at your local sleaze emporium. When taking into account the vibration strength and different vibration profiles, the RO-80 stands head and shoulders above most other battery-powered bullet vibrators (the batteries are pretty cheap, too.) No hyperbole here, I promise you!

After close to an hour of scrolling through the vibrations, my prostate, my cock, and my mind could take no more. I exploded and collapsed onto the bed like a heap of laundry, drained and entirely overstimulated.

Exhausted Rocks-Off Butt Quiver butt plug
Except, you know, I’m a dude. It wasn’t that graceful.

A quivering butt, thanks to the Butt Quiver: final thoughts

All in all, the Butt Quiver was certainly not a walk in the park, but it was unquestionably worth all the effort (seriously, I hadn’t cum like that in a long while!) The hands-free nature of the Butt Quiver leaves me anticipating some fun times with a partner but, until then, I’m keeping it at the top of my pile of sex toys for any time I feel like pushing the limits of my sanity.

In case you couldn’t tell, I definitely recommend you go out and buy the Butt Quiver today. Like, right now! You can thank me later.

Stay tuned for part three in our three-part series on the Rocks-Off mystery box, where we review the RO-Zen butt plug/cock ring combo. Did we love it? Did we hate it? Come back to find out!