What is prostate massage?

It is the time-old art of stimulating your prostate in order to induce orgasm.


Why would I want to do that??

Good for your health, feels awesome!


OK, I tried it and I liked it; does that mean I’m bi/gay?

Not unless you also had a penis in your mouth at the time!


Why did you start prostatemassagerreviews?

Because I love prostate massage! Beyond that, I had a lot of questions when I began my journey (similar to those above.) Reading up on the subject helped a lot. And then when it came to actually buying massagers I was totally lost! There are a lot of spammy sites out there spreading disinformation about products just to make a fast buck and I wasted cash on several massagers, only  to find that they were either not right for me or outright junk.

I feel like it’s good to pass it forward and spread whatever good information I have to contribute to the world; prostate massagers is one of the things that I’m knowledgeable about and I thought that making a website would be a cool challenge, so here I am! And here you are! I hope that you find the site to be easily navigable and informative.

Read some of my reviews and I’m sure you’ll find a massager that’s right for you 🙂