Prisms Devi Glass Anal Plug

 Prisms Devi: Devilishly Good!
Prisms Devi Anal Plug
From the distributors’ website:

“With its ringed handle for pinpoint maneuvering and easy removal, and tear shaped, bulbous body that is curved just right for p-spot stimulation, the Prisms Devi Anal Plug not only looks elegant, but also delivers incredibly tantric sensations! Made entirely of borosilicate glass, Devi is non-porous and easily cleaned with soap and water. Amplify your sex play by serving Devi warmed or chilled!”

I really can’t put it much better than that, the Prisms Devi is a hand-crafted, hands-free highway to busting a nut!

While I don’t usually choose butt plugs first, the Devi is a great choice for when you’re not alone. The bulbous head and curved shape keep the Prisms Devi right where it should be–pressing right up against my prostate!
Prisms Devi Anal Plug Like all glass toys, it’s nonporous and safe to use with all lubes (see my other reviews if you want to learn more about lubes.)

The one caveat I will mention is that the head of the Prisms Devi is of considerable size (around two inches) so it may not be the best fit for a newbie. Your mileage may vary.

Look, you *could* spend life NOT blowing your load like a shotgun because you don’t have the Prims Devi pressing your button over and over again, but why? The choice is obvious.

Don’t take advice from a 40 year-old virgin.
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Prisms Devi
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