Rocks-Off’s RO-Zen: Tactical Gear for the Bedroom

As a follow-up to the last post about the Rocks-Off Butt Quiver, we bring you a review of their butt plug/cock ring combo: the Rocks-Off RO-Zen! If you’re just joining us and want to catch up, see our review of the Butt Quiver here and our review of the 8 Ball ring combo here.

The RO-Zen is a butt plug, cock ring, and ball ring combo in one attractive toy. Like the Butt Quiver, the RO-Zen is powered by Rocks-Off’s RO-80, a 7-speed, 80mm vibrating bullet. From our Butt Quiver review:

The included RO-80 packs a solid punch for such a little vibrator; don’t let its diminutive 80 mm size fool you, this is not your run-of-the-mill bullet that you pick up at your local sleaze emporium. When taking into account the vibration strength and different vibration profiles, the RO-80 stands head and shoulders above most other battery-powered bullet vibrators (the batteries are pretty cheap, too.) No hyperbole here, I promise you!

The RO-Zen is made of the same high-grade silicone as all their other toys, which is a major plus; durable and rather nonporous, this stuff is great choice for the application.

So, all good, right? Go out and buy it today, right? Well…sure…BUT…there are a couple of caveats that I must include.

The plug is a bit short.

Listen, it feels great in your ass (as most butt plugs do!) That’s not an issue. What IS an issue, however, is the fact that the plug doesn’t *really* hit your prostate. The Butt Quiver‘s shape and length were nearly perfect for hitting the prostate without pressing too hard, but the RO-Zen falls short. To be specific, about an inch too short (in my opinion.) I don’t think that this is a deal-breaker as far as a sex toy is concerned, but if you’re looking for something that will target your P-spot, I’d look elsewhere.

Speaking of too short…

The length between the cock and ball rings and the butt plug is also, unfortunately, too short. It’s great when you first put the RO-Zen on, but once you’re erect, the plug has a tendency to be tugged at from the forward tension of the rings around your junk. This becomes exceptionally problematic when…

Using the RO-Zen with a partner

So you’ve wined, dined, suited up and put on your RO-Zen. Your partner is ready to go and so are you. You start getting down to the…

Seriously though: No glove, no love.

When you feel the plug begin to be jerked around inside your ass; at first, the sensation is kind of exciting, but then the thought crosses your mind that the plug may, indeed, be jerked out of your ass! NOT SEXY.

This is attributable to a few factors: Firstly, the length between the dual rings and the butt plug is too short; secondly, the taper of the butt plug itself isn’t aggressive enough to stay inside your butt! Let’s compare the taper (the difference between the widest part of the plug and the slimmest) of the RO-Zen and the Butt Quiver.

imageedit_2_8921895157 imageedit_4_4181484952

Looking at the two, it’s easy to see that the Butt Quiver has a far more aggressive taper, which allows it to stay inside much more comfortably.

The “complement sandwich” continues…

We’ve listed some of the plus sides, and some of the negatives, what’s left? The other side of he complement sandwich, of course! I don’t want to make it seem as the the RO-Zen is a horrible sex toy, because it really isn’t. It’s weak points notwithstanding, the thing is pretty sexy. Putting your cock in its ring, your balls secured in their place, and the plug in your butt, the RO-Zen feels like a piece of sexual tactical gear. You’re ready for action.


The bottom line (pun intended?)

Would we recommend it?

Yes, IF you plan on using it as a masturbation aid. Put it on, turn it on, sit down and start beating off. The vibrations coupled with the secure tug on your cock and balls are a surefire way to blow your load.

No, IF you plan on using it while fucking your partner. Unfortunately, it may slip out, and even if it doesn’t, you’ll most likely be distracted by the feeling that it may slip out. In such a case, we’d recommend using a combo of the other two Rocks-Off products that we reviewed, the 8 Ball cock and ball ring and the Butt Quiver butt plug. Those two, in tandem, are an amazing combo which not only will have you trembling on the verge of orgasm, but will also instill confidence in your performance. Seriously, those two are a definite buy.