Tenga FLIP HOLE RED: Sorayama-Inspired Masturbation!

Today I bring you a review of the Tenga FLIP HOLE RED. After my previous post on masturbators I received a few comments to the effect that comparing the Fleshlight to the Tenga Egg was an unfair comparison. I’m big enough to concede when I’m wrong; it WAS an unfair comparison. The Egg is meant to be disposable after a use or three, whereas the Fleshlight is built to last. Add to that the structural differences between the two, and we can see why the comparison shouldn’t even be attempted.

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED conversation
You’re totally right, John. Mea culpa!

To rectify this, I reached out to Tenga, and they were kind enough to send me their FLIP HOLE RED for review (Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Tenga!) For brevity’s sake I’ll skip re-reviewing the fleshlight STU, but if you’d like to catch up, check out the previous review and then come right back. I’ll wait…

OK, all caught up? Great!

My History with the FLIP HOLE RED

I actually made a short video about the FLIP HOLE RED before I actually got a chance to try it out. You may or may not get any utility out of this, but the video goes over my first impressions and shows you a bit more detail about the material that Tenga used and how the FLIP HOLE RED operates:

Was that helpful? Lame? Stick it in the comments, I’d love to hear your feedback. Anyway…

The FLIP HOLE RED *kind of* Looks Like a Sony Aibo

Before we even dive into how the FLIP HOLE RED performs, let’s talk about the aesthetics of this thing. It’s pretty slick looking, in my opinion! Kind of streamlined and futuristic, like it would fit in well next to your Sony Aibo.


The plastic that Tenga used on this product (and in general) is quality. Very high class feel to the exterior of the FLIP HOLE RED, which always makes for a more fun experience.


You love your cock, doesn’t it deserve some classy accommodations? Holding the FLIP HOLE RED, you feel as though you’re preparing for a distinguished, fresh experience, not a quick JO session with a cheap, disposable pocket pussy.

Inside the FLIP HOLE RED: Sex Gel Ecstasy!

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED detail

The interior of the FLIP HOLE RED conveys the same level of quality and attention to detail as the exterior; the unit folds open to reveal a myriad of textures and contours that are as stimulating as they are aesthetically pleasing. The interior is made of a translucent thermoplastic elastomer gel which rivals Cyberskin and Fleshlight in quality, though the sleek, futuristic design of the FLIP HOLE RED‘s interior delivers the aura of technological precision that has come to be the hallmark of Japanese manufacturing.

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED Sorayama Robot
It’s the closet you’re going to come to fucking a sex-bot, for now. Fun fact: Hajime Sorayama, the illustrator of these iconic images, also was the aesthetic designer of the Sony Aibo. I’m on to something here…

Normally, I’d like to take some photos of the product I’m reviewing, but they’re coming out poorly today (I might update this review once my light tent gets here) and Tenga has some really excellent promo material to use for the FLIP HOLE RED.

How to Use the FLIP HOLE RED (Really, Guys?)

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED How to use

I think it’s a *little* funny that they have a “how to use” graphic (you stick your dick in it, dude!) That said, the first time I held the FLIP HOLE RED in my hands, I was a little confused about everything. Once you’re past a slight learning curve, it’s a lot of fun!

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED how to use 2

The graphic above details how to use the three “buttons” on the FLIP HOLE RED. Pressing the buttons gives a little squeeze to the area, which is diffused by the gel-like TPE material. This feels pretty incredible, and I’m addicted to using the middle button, which squeezes my shaft. YMMV.

The hard shell around the FLIP HOLE RED means that you have options to go hands-free, something that not all masturbators can claim. I like to set mine on the edge of the bed under a few pillows and fuck the daylights out of it. Now, you might be thinking that this is just a revamped Fleshlight, but the FLIP HOLE RED really shines after you’ve emptied your balls into it. Cleanup is a breeze, thanks to the hinged design of the FLIP HOLE RED.

The Ecstasy of the FLIP HOLE RED and the Joy of Cleaning

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED cleaning

Anyone who’s ever used a Fleshlight or similar sleeve-styled masturbator knows that cleaning these things is a pain. Tenga solves this problem by employing a hinged design which requires all of about a minute to clean. Just soap it up, rinse it clean, and set it on the slide cap to dry!

Also, Tenga Makes Some Top-Notch Lube

Tenga FLIP HOLE RED lube

As a bonus, Tenga includes 3 small samples of their lubes: MILD, REAL, WILD (SOLID not included for some reason,) and  each have their own characteristics (REAL is my personal favorite of the bunch.) They’re great lubes, definitely a bit thicker than your ordinary water-based lube. Highly recommended, though you can always peruse our list of classy lubes or check out our lube category and pick out a winner, too.

I think that I’ve covered pretty much everything there is to say about the FLIP HOLE RED, but if you think I’ve missed  anything, stick it in the comments! I love getting feedback about my reviews and the products themselves, they’re a nice break from the flood of Viagra spam that I have to filter out of the comments section.